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tv   Hannity  FOX News  September 10, 2012 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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thanks for watching. fulsome. the spin starts right he in our seventh season, we are definitely looking out for you. >> sean: and tonight a jam packed night. bob beckel goes head to head with pat buchanan and senator rand paul is here and former c.i.a. operative in charge of the enhanced interrogation program that tracked down osama. he'll tell us what he saw as president obama spikes the football. we 6 bad news for team obama in the wake of the dnc. according to the polling group, the president received no post convention bump in the battle state of north carolina.
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he leads romney by 1 percentage pointed there, well within the margin of error. keep in mind this is one of key southern states that obama carried in 2008. romney is if striking distance. gallup has leading the challenger by 5 points but reports serious questions are now being raised about the gallup's organization credibility and what too know about the survey and look with a skeptical eye. former clinton advisor, dick morris. how are you? this is interesting. the justice department joined in an investigation into gullup after david axelrod accused them 6 using out of dated sampling methods. >> it was an lawsuit. a guy that worked on the obama
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campaign staff worked with gallup. after a year he blew the whistle and overcharged the federal government for the polling for the government. he sued them. the lawsuit just sat there and nobody moved. the government didn't do anything. then in april of 2012, april of this year, gallup came out with a poll that had romney four ahead. action ed elt rod telephoned gallup your survey and sample is wrong. come to the white house and tell us how you are doing your poll. gallup refused. axelrod and gallup with at loggerheads. a few weeks later the justice department moved to intervene in the lawsuit. as a plaintiff against gallup and they added a charge they misled the fema.
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>> sean: can we trust them i am? >> gallup is now conducting the poll under the shadow of a huge lawsuit by the federal government with criminal implications. >> sean: you can't trust them? >> i can't say that. they are reputable polling company but they are under enormous pressure. >> sean: a lot of the polls, what do you think. the polls show that obama is doing well. he is up in this poll but very close. it's going to come down to what, pief or six states at the end of the day. let's take a look back. july of 1988, you have michael dukakis ahead of bush. 55-38, 17-point lead. you got 1980, carter over reagan, this is september 1980, four-point lead and went higher than that after that. how do you interpret the polls now. the single most optimistic person in terms of romney winning this of anybody i know,
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why? >> i'm one of the only people that talks on tv that is a pollster, made my living to doing it. there are three sources of distortion in these polls you are looking at. the first is this is the first election when turnout matters. romney doesn't get any black votes, only a few latino votes. obama did very well among college students, poorly among the elderly. it makes who you are demo graphically. while many of these polls like rasmussen use likely voters, what they then do is weight the sample so it reflects what they believe the turnout is going to be. >> sean: 2008 model versus the 2010 model. >> so for example, russ mass seven has obama ahead 49-45. rasmussen assumes 13% black vote. historically it's 11, it was 13
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in 2008, it was 11 in '10. it was 11 in 2000 but it was 13 in 2008. if you put it a back at 11, it's a race now even after the convention bounce it's tied at 47. it's a similar story about down weighted go the elderly voted, upweights the latino vote and it distort it. the second distortion when you consistently have an incumbent president that can't gets it's way of 50% of the vote, you have to realize that the majority of this country doesn't like him. >> sean: one key component. president i felt during the dnc convention was trying to energize the base but it didn't seem like he was reaching out to the middle. among all the groups, the demographics, the african-american vote, hispanic vote, the female vote, women
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have lost a million jobs in four years. african-american unemployment 14.5%. and young kids out of college can't get a job. they have suffered the most. >> that relates to the third distortion which is enthusiasm gap that is at the moment 13 points in favor of romney when you are enthusiastic, are you following this race closely. are you actually dead certain to vote, there is a 13-point gap. that is because obama carries the people that are not going to vote. they are not going to vote for just the reasons you are talking about. there is a deeper reality than just monday kig with the numbers f you come out of the two conventions you understand that there are two things that this whole election is about. are you better off than four years ago? two to one people say they are not. and are you a party, democrats
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say you are on and i'll get off, get government off your back or the democratic party that says i'll lend you a hand. that was stipulated by both parties at the convention and when gallup polled that three weeks ago it was 54% leave me alone and 35% lend me a hand. >> sean: let's talk about obama and things he said at the convention versus what he said in 2008. it sounds eerily similar. watch this. >> this is a choice we face. this is the choice we now face. >> folks are losing their jobs. losing their homes. >> they lost hair jobs and homes. >> their life savings. >> i won't pretend this will be easy. >> now i won't pretend the path is quick or easy. >> truth is, it's going to take. >> the truth it is take a more than a few days or a few weeks
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to repair. >> in common effort. >> for put people back to work. >> rebuilding our roads and bridges. >> rebuildings our roads and bridges and schools. creating new jobs right here in the united states of america. >> here in the united states of america! >> sean: it really puts it in perspective. it puts in perspective a broken record? >> when you don't solve the country's approximate you don't have to change your speech. good point. >> sean: so doves.... >> he announced his candidacy on fox and friends this morning. >> paul rove is an advisor. >> kids are watching, grandkids are watching this process unfold without understanding this because they don't teach social studies in school very well.
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this book, dubs goes to new hampshire, dobs won the debate. he debates the feline the cat add and then wolf news projects him as the winner. gallup took the poll and dub says on a role. >> sean: your imagination is gone way away. >> dubs fight castro, advanced mere poodle because president dubs will come over there. >> sean: coming up, bob bechel goes against pat buchanan but hometown as 26,000 teachers have walked out of the classroom. the political implications of this strike could dramatically shift the race to the white house. shout president responding.
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be sure to tune in tomorrow night when i'll be joined with bob woodward. he exposes out dysfunctional the administration is. that is
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[ male announcer ] ask your doctor if chantix is right for you. >>. >> sean: there is chaos tonight in the president's hometown of chicago. thousands of teachers of protesting on the streets and are strike is putting 400,000 students safety in jeopardy. governor romney expressed disappointment in the walkout. president obama hats chosen his side in the fight. sending his vice president to assure the nation's largest teachers' union you should have no doubt in my affection --
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>> sean: early, rahm emanuel dead fish responded. >> i appreciate romney's statement on behalf of the kids and parents of the city of chicago. if you want to help, he can determine when tax cuts he won't cut the department of education and the funding is necessary. he will make sure that there will be ever be a cut to make tax cuts for the less fortunate. what really counts is what we are doing here. i don't really give hoots about national comments scoring political points or trying to embarrass the president. >> sean: pretty nasty who side is president obama on? tamtamara holder, best selling author and fox contributor,
9:15 pm
jehmu greene. >> what percentage is proficient. what percentage? >> i would say 80%. >> sean: 85%. >> 85%, only 15%. >> next question. out of all the kids that go into the freshman year in high school what percentage of kids graduate? >> about 49-50%. >> i would say less than that. >> sean: 56%. >> now, how much does the average family in chicago working family earn a year? >> 40. >> close. >> i would say less than that? >> $46,000. >> what does the average teacher make in chicago? >> i know the answer to that one. $51,000. kids are not learning. >> how much is tough economy have they offered the teachers in terms of a packaged deal for four years, what percentage
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increase, do you know? >> i know. 16%. >> sean: 16%. >> this isn't just about money 51.. i like your intro and you practice these attacks on obama but this is not about the safety of children.... >> sean: sure it is. >> tchts being responsible. >> no, they are not responsible. >> parents are responsible. >> it's the safe environment, it's providing a safe environment. >> sean: back on teachers. i support teachers. it's all about the unions and the unholy relationship they have with the democratic party. they take rank and file money. they give toilet democrats and democrats like obama don't have the courage to speak. here is what i want to know. listen to me. 15% of kids can read on the fourth grade level.
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45% of these kids don't graduate. they get $76,000 a year. the average family in chicago makes $46,000. >> that is not the teachers' fault. it's not about what you are saying. you are saying it's not about money. you know the other issues deneen that are at issue in this. it's not about that. >> sean: how much of the deficit awaits this system at the end of this year? >> $712 million. >> sean: one billion dollar deficit. they are offered a 16% increase, they have one of the worst school records in the country and the teachers union goes on strike. >> part of the problem they don't want the teachers to be held accountable for these kids, can these people get away with it? it's outrageous this will put
9:18 pm
the power in the hands of the parents. >> sean: why shouldn't teachers be responsible for whether they succeed in educating the children they are asked to educate. >> it's not just about standardize testing. we are talking about teachers and parents that have to play multiple rolls roles. i have a quick question for you. how many kids go to chicago public school hungry and their first meal of the day is by --. >> sean: let me answer. they actually talked about bringing them lunch and breakfast. percentage is fairly high. you compare tests to other big cities and they are failing more than other big cities. when you put it in the same environment. here is problem. president obama can't say no to the teachers unions so he is going to sit by and take a on it because he wants their money. >> rahm emanuel, he is silent on
9:19 pm
this. where is the naacp and jesse jackson? >> sean: what has the president said? >> what did president obama say about this today. what did he say about this today. >> it's rahm emanuel who has a future in politics. >> has been he can bring in the louis farrakhan to talk about the murder rate. he wants their money. there is a connection. it's an unholy alliance. >> you are spinning. you are spinning the issue. >> sean: i'm telling the truth, is that spin? >> it's being represented... -- >> i knew i was going to lose anyway. >> the chin are the ones that are losing. >> i'm a liberal loser and proud
9:20 pm
of it because i have a bleeding heart, something you don't have. >> sean: two to one i think the taxpayers have been very generous to teachers. coming up next, bob beckel and pat buchanan and rand paul says the government is bullying you. how the president is standing by as the feds trample on your rights. you will meet the man that was in the room when enhanced interroga
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>>. >> sean: new indications tonight that top democrats are extremely worried about the state of their party. as a result they are running
9:24 pm
scared and flat out refusing to answer tough questions from mainstream media. we begin with top strategist david axelrod that agreed to do an interview with a new york public radio station. it was supposed to be a recap of charlotte convention but he didn't want to answer about the omission of god and jerusalem platform. so without mentioning that is beyond me. with their help of the friends in media they are hoping to edit out from the embarrassing scene from the history books. and then dianne feinstein is refusing to participate in a debate with her challenger. she won't even answer questions about her obstruction. look at this. >> i got to ask you about this. she wants to debate you l.a. times came out you ought to debate her?
9:25 pm
>> i'm running my own campaign. thank you, mark. >> is there any more you can add to that? >> three or four meetings in southern california, that is what i'll continue to do. >> wouldn't it be bet for the voters to hear both sides? >> thank you very much. >> sean: another example of a democrat running scared. the author of "suicide of a superpower," and bob bechel. beck will wouldn't run away from a fight like that? >> no he would not he was with jimmy carter. he came out and debated ronald reagan. he is ready to get into battle. >> there you go again. >> buchanan, he took the
9:26 pm
convention and actually bore right through it like ryan. i remember that. that is one, remember i said devil wrote that speech. that is when pat introduced me. >> sean: it was received very well. >> i still said the devil wrote it. >> sean: state of the campaign, pat, how do you see it? >> i think the republicans are down by a touchdown and we're going into the fourth quarter. i take the polls pretty seriously when seven out of eight wing states, obama is slightly ahead. he has a five-point lead and approval back up to 50%. i think what they have to do is this. wait for four or five days and see if there is a bump and if it settles back to the race we had before this convention, i think the republicans have to be ready to call an audible. i'll tell you briefly before we get back to bob, i was as
9:27 pm
stunned as i have ever been as boo and jeer that the demand the name of god be taken out of platform. the convention did it three times. republicans i think in the super pacs are to use that every single day in november. >> sean: whatever happened in that hall will not resonate with america? >> it's not going resonate with voters in america who are already with romney. that is the point. he called it historic when you introduced it. that was not historic. listen, when you run those conventions as i have before, what you do is call for the second vote you turn the microphones down in the no sections and turn the microphones up in the yes section and you you get two-thirds of the vote. you took about dianne feinstein, she is ahead in the polls. >> sean: it made the party look
9:28 pm
extreme. it's the main thing. it made the party look extreme, attempt to reach out to the middle of the country. >> let me ask bob a question. bob, honestly i was astounded. i wasn't at the convention and watching it on television. would you have ever believed to get half of a democratic convention, maybe more or less, but half of them stand up and say throw god out of our platform? >> i couldn't have imagined that but i couldn't have imagined winning new hampshire and you did. jerusalem was the battle, it wasn't really god. >> it was both. >> yeah, but i mean the thing was about jerusalem. leaving that aside, prefer not to have yes, does it matter in terms of votes, the answer is no. evangelical christians are settled down with romney. pat makes the analogy about
9:29 pm
football, they need a long hail mary. with barack obama being in the trump he is in, why he has not pulled away, that is romney tells you more about romney than it does buchanan. >> sean: why do you expect him to pull away when dukakits was up 17 points. reagan didn't take over until october in the second debate, he was behind the whole time. >> dukakis came out atlanta 17 up but the convention that bush had in that order went after him. they went after him on all those gun issues, willie horton, by labor day, bush was up by 8. he held that 8-point lead right through november. this is like the reagan thing but reagan was more of an unknown quantity, i think. i think romney is getting very well known. i think it's a very tight, close race. they have done a great job to
9:30 pm
get that 8 1/2%, economy is not all that hot. this is not a good hand but republicans need to do something to move it across to where the country is ready to give up on obama, okay, this fellow, romney and ryan, these are the guys that can do it. they haven't reached that point. >> they have to finish this sale. they have to convince people things will be better under this plan that romney is putting forward. >> the fact is, obama did get a bounce out of this convention. the difference between this and what patted is talking about, those conventions were july and august. this is one week apart so there is not a whole lot of time to be absorbed. republican convention didn't romney. there is something about romney, there is something about him
9:31 pm
that cannot relate to or he would be ahead. i don't understand it. i don't know what it is. >> i think bob is right in a sense. the country is ready to change, it's ready to move on. it likes the fellow obama, but let's face it. we gave the guy a shot at it. there is a holding back, sean. people are saying i just don't know about this fellow romney. i think romney helped himself in his speech down there at tampa but he has not closed the sale with the american people yet. a lot of folks are saying, maybe we ought to stick with obama even though we don't like what is going on. >> obama can't probably win this presidency out right but romney can lose it. >> sean: we're going to see. we got 57 days to go.
9:32 pm
senator rand paul joins me live to expose how the federal government is trampling on your rights. how he plans to put an end to big government bullying. one of navy seals when osama bin laden was killed. he breaks his silence and highlights from firsthand account as we check in with the c.i.a. operative when the enhanced interrogations took place. that is jose rodriguez. he joins us as a busy monday he joins us as a busy monday unfolds. [ male announcer ] imagine facing the day with less chronic osteoarthritis pain. imagine living your life with less chronic low back pain. imagine you, with less pain. cymbalta can help. cymbalta is fda-approved to manage chronic musculoskeletal pain. one non-narcotic pill a day, every day, can help reduce this pain. tell your doctor right away if your mood worsens, you have unusual changes in mood or behavior or thoughts of suicide. antidepressants can increase these in children, teens, and young adults.
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are you in good hands? >>. >> sean: he is one of hundred senators and like many of his colleagues, he is using his power to hold government accountable to you. how the government is bullying you, the american people and details in great length that barack obama is standing by as feds are trampling the rights of american citizens. joining us is rand paul. good to see you. how are you? >> thanks. >> sean: we are being bullied with regulation, taxation and hit in the head after we pay half our income in taxes we don't pay our fair share? >> we tell stories put in prison. a guy that came to escape from
9:37 pm
hungary and put him in jail for three years. do you know what he did? he put clean dirt and they said, dirt is a pollutant and dry land is a wet land. >> sean: unbelievable. >> that kind of stuff shouldn't happen in america. >> sean: it is happening. did you hear about the case. there was couple they found these gold double eagle coins, 1939, they are worth about $80 million. they had a court case because confiscated them or asked them to turn them in. they had the ten coins or whatever it was. they said, no, we're taking them and you don't get a penny. >> like the nazis taking paintings from jewish families they are yours even if they find them 60 years later. we never changed some of those laws. some of the gold.
9:38 pm
we aloud gold ownership but never reversed the law. >> sean: i watched you closely at your speech at the republican convention. i agree with you. we have to cut out the waste, fraud and abuse. you talk specifically about the military. i'm worried about the world is about to blow up with egypt and iran, is this the time to be gutting defense? >> i wouldn't gut defense but the primary function of the federal government is national defense. it's what we are supposed to do. with that being said the compromise we have now we always increase military spending, we increase welfare spending. the reverse compromise. you have to reduce military spending and you have to reduce domestic spending but you do it without compromising your national defense. you choose weapon systems not as work programs but whether you
9:39 pm
need them for your national defense. >> sean: what about the way the president is trying to frame the debate. ten dollars in cuts, one dollar in tax increases? >> what i have learned that washington is a shell game. like he was going to pay for obamacare with student loan money. then the student interest he reduced and that was to pay for obamacare. >> sean: what about four trillion in saving, they are counting money they weren't going to spend? >> if you are going to explain why obamacare will be a disaster medicare has 50 million people. it's $35-40 trillion short. he wanted to insure 45 million people and not going to cost you anything or add to the debt. it's impossible. >> sean: how do you feel the campaign is going at this moment? what advice would you give governor romney. i'm worried about virginia because they have a constitutional candidate running
9:40 pm
in that state. that may grab some of your libertarian supporters? >> if i were romney put the image of booing good, images are worth a thousand words. people remember dukakis looking silly in that tank. what governor romney in virginia who might voted for the constitutional party he will be resolute on balancing the budget not in 20 years, not in 30 years but in a shorter period of time. he will be fully behind a balanced budget amendment. he will help people like me that want to introduce it like mike lee and jim demint, if he comes out and says he will do those things he this will be persuade today vote for them. >> sean: and you campaign in virginia for romney? >> we have offered to campaign for them.
9:41 pm
>> sean: government bullies, great book. time to check in with greta van susteren for coming up. >> greta: congressman d i.c.e. is here. -- darrell issa is here and lindsay graham is here furious at the president and we have our legal panel and much more, back to you. >> sean: coming up in 19 short minutes. we expose the truth about america's unemployment numbers, how bad is it? we'll look at the unemployment in this country. but first, when we come back he was in the room when osama bin laden was killed and now he is breaking his silence. we have highlights from the bombshell interview featuring a former member of navy seal team six. we'll check in with jose rodriguez, he was in the room when those enhanced interrogations took place that led to l us to bin laden.
9:42 pm
and [♪...] >> i've been training all year for the big race in chicago, but i can only afford one trip. and i just found out my best friend is getting married in l.a. there's no way i'm missing that. then i heard about hotwire and i realized i could actually afford both trips. see, when really nice hotels have unsold rooms, they use hotwire to fill them. so i got my four-star hotels for half-price! >> men: ♪ h-o-t-w-i-r-e ♪ >> announcer: save big on car rentals too, from $12.95 a day. do you have to go through...
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9:46 pm
house how much did you know? >> zero. we made tons of noise when we got the door. element of surprise is slipping away quickly. making our way up the stairs and quiet, pitch black in the house. no lights, all night vision. inside the room i could see a body laying on the ground. over him was two females real close to the door. >> oh after osama bin laden is wounded, you shot him twice? >> a handful of times. >> and seal in the stack behind you also shot osama bin laden and at that point his body was still? >> yes. >> so we call up the commanding officer, he comes upstairs. looks at the body. we give them what we have so far. here is what he looks like. he is tall. women and kid confirm it. they you say i think that is
9:47 pm
him. >> joining me is a c.i.a. official that put it together that led the team to bin laden. the author of hard measures, jose rodriguez. just to remind people, there were three people that we gave enhanced interrogations or waterboarded. you were there, like khalid shaikh mohammed. >> i was overlooking the problem and i did travel to one of our black sites but i know the program very well. >> sean: the president wouldn't show the pictures of bin laden because he didn't want to inflame tensions. now, he is taking the football and spiking it. every chance he gets. i wanted to get your reaction to that considering had he had his way, he calls enhanced interrogation program torture? >> it took ten years of effort to find osama bin laden.
9:48 pm
president obama assumed the presidency eight years into ten-year effort. by the time he assumed the presidency, we were already hot on the trail of bin laden thanks to information obtained from our black sites, information from hardened terrorists that gave us the information because they were subjected to our enhanced interrogation program. so he deserves credited for going ahead with the operation, but to spike the ball and assume sole responsibility and credit for killing bin laden is not right. >> sean: he was against the very intelligence gathering -- by the way, you spent a significant portion of your life having to defend yourself for fear they were going to prosecute you. he is against the i.t., says he is going to close gitmo down.
9:49 pm
there is no bin laden without the intelligence you got using these methods, correct? >> that is correct. since then, of course, when he first came into the presidency, he closed down our back sites and stopped the interrogation program. we basically don't have an interrogation policy now. >> sean: so those interrogations led to the nickname of the can you remember yes, sir, over a period of years, you find his real name. he leads you bin laden and decision, president has no decision. this is very important. so this seal team six, i watched the whole hour on 60 minutes, very impressive. he wanted to give everybody credit. 60 minutes just glosses over the fact that obama opposed these tactics. this woman the c.i.a. agent predict with pinpointed accuracy she had been working for years
9:50 pm
for the bush administration. they glossed over a very important part of the story? >> very important part of the story. i am glad that mark golden gave credit to the c.i.a. and to everybody targeting analysts in particular. it was an incredible effort by the c.i.a.. >> sean: they are the ones that put your life at risk and things got difficult for them. but he is so matter of fact about it. what do you think? do you think we have put ourselves in danger in the future by eliminating these intelligence gathering techniques? are we more likely to be victims of some type of terror attack because we don't have the courage to follow through the way we once did? >> if we were subjected to a mass casualty attack, i believe that the intelligence community would have its hands tied behind its back as they tried to do the intelligence work. i think that we have given up an
9:51 pm
incredible capability. we are going to regret it. >> sean: do you resented being called a torturer because that enhanced interrogation led to bin laden? >> i resented it tremendously and i talk about it in hard measures. this was that was directed by the president, by president bush and authorized by him and certified as legal by the justice department. it was always briefed to the congress. we had the approval by the entire u.s. government. to come back about a and tell us telling us it was torture, i was disgusted. >> sean: thank god important bob bennett, he is your attorney. he did a lot of work on your behalf by now you would have been bankrupt by now despite the fact that you saved american lives. >> been set a great lawyer and a good friend.
9:52 pm
i thank i am. >> sean: jose, good to see see you. >> dismal jobs report coming up. we're going to explain a detail, an investigation how the unemployment situation for americans is worse than it appears in spite of the spin you hear in the media as our truth about unemployment is coming up next. we're sitting on a bunch of shale gas. there's natural gas under my town. it's a game changer. ♪ it means cleaner, cheaper american-made energy. but we've got to be careful how we get it. design the wells to be safe. thousands of jobs. use the most advanced technology to protect our water. billions in the economy. at chevron, if we can't do it right, we won't do it at all. we've got to think long term. we've got to think long term. ♪ car insurance companies say they'll save yoby switching, you'd have like, a ton of dollars.
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>>. >> sean: democrats love to defend the president's abysmal jobs record. labor department reported 96,000 jobs were created in august. unemployment dipped to 8.1%. there are a few numbers you need to understand. the rate dropped in part because more than 360,000 americans left the labor force. currently over 23 million americans are unemployed or underemployed or have stopped looking for work. 35 million americans have been unemployed for 26 weeks or longer, that is a record. since obama took office, million construction jobs have been lost. million manufacturing jobs have been lost and list goes on and on. joining me is chairman and editor in chief of u.s. world
9:57 pm
news, mort zuckerman. do you think people get labor participation rate? >> most people don't understand it. the people that are underemployed and people have given up a job, they have spouses and friends and they have children. they know what is going on they know the job market is much worse than the headline number which is misleading number unfortunately because the real problems are much greater than that. >> sean: if the labor participation rate was the same as obama took office, it would be 11.2%. should romney be using that figure in his battle against obama or is it too complicated? >> i don't think it's too complicated. he should find some reasonable way to express what the real unemployment numbers are. as i say, they'll be a resonance out there in the country. one of the things that are
9:58 pm
interesting is called the quit rate. people are willing to quit their job because they can find their jobs. nobody is willing to quit that job because they now they won't find another job. people will understand, even if they are working that the job market is terrible. >> sean: shouldn't it come down to simple numbers. one in six americans are in poverty. we can understand that. 47-48 million americans on food stamps. $5.4 trillion in debt, no shovel-ready jobs. the one statistic i read. 26 million americans underemployed? >> it sure tells you something about the economy, we have the worst economy since the 1930's and despite the fact we have spent over 5 trillion dollars and had the lowest interest rates, most stimulative monetary policy in our history we have barely come out of it. something is wrong.
9:59 pm
>> sean: what if happens interest rates go up and it becomes.... >> then you have a real difficulty. i doubt economy interest rates will gop not unless the federal reserve, central bank tries to increase interest rates which they could easily do. then you would have a real depression in this country. that is one of a few things that are saving a lot of people, particularly homeowners and people that have to refinance their debt. this is what is helping a lot of people. it's not enough to change the fundamentals of our economy. >> sean: we see greece and see the spain and french raising tax rate to 75% on the wealthy. are we headed for a worldwide minimum recession or worse? >> i think it is going to be worse. we have not had this kind of global recession since the end of world war ii. what you have is three or four billion people i
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